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Striving to be the best in all that we do, Search Rail Digital offers the very best in Customer Service, PPC Management, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing abd more. At Search Rail, we are setting the standard of professionalism in all aspects of digital advertising. Contact us today and see how our agency is different.

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Great American Charters
Great American Charters
20:50 02 Jun 21
Amazing! You want results use these guys! Amazing team with amazing knowledge for paid advertising.
Randy Racioppi
Randy Racioppi
02:18 25 Feb 20
Dan was excellent in working with me on getting my Adwords account properly setup and functioning at maximum capacity. He was extremely helpful and always responsive to my requests and needs. Highly recommend.
Flick Pest Control
Flick Pest Control
01:47 24 Jul 19
Search Rail has been helping our Australia Digital Marketing for the last 6 months and so far we have been extremely happy with their knowledge of the Digital space and their amazing support. Thank you!
Red Rose Bakery
Red Rose Bakery
01:42 24 Jul 19
The Absolute Best! Thank You Thank You Thank You!
Joe Cutrona
Joe Cutrona
00:49 11 May 18
First off I'll say... brilliant. I came to them for my AdWords, not knowing how it would work for me, and I couldn't be happier . Joe (the owner) and Joe (the AdWords specialist) we're amazing to work with. They're personable, efficient and willing to help whenever I needed something. I highly recommend them.
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At Search Rail Media, we are a team with powerful results when it comes to achieving optimal Digital Marketing results with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, PPC management, and Google Ads. Search Rail Digital has been named one of the Top PPC Google Ads Agencies. Give us a call or stop in to say hello.

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AdWords Account Suspension

Have you been notified that you have a Google AdWords Account Suspension?  These suspensions can be frustrating and costly, and seem to come out of the blue.  However, we can give you the tips you need to get your account out of AdWords Suspension jail and avoid future suspensions.

If you have already been suspended, then Google notified you why it was suspending your account.  However, when read alone, these notices can be extremely vague, leaving novice search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing managers scratching their heads about why they were suspended or how to get unsuspended.  That is why it is important to understand Google’s policies and operating procedures.

Google’s AdWords policies are the place to start when trying to determine why your account was suspended.  Like everything else about AdWords, these policies are constantly evolving, so check them, even if you feel like you know them.  There are four broad categories in AdWords’ policies: prohibited content, prohibited practices, restricted content, and editorial and technical standards.  Usually, a policy violation will result in you being contacted and asked to fix the violation; failure to do so or multiple violations will put you at risk of suspension.  However, a policy violation that is malicious and puts Google users at risk can result in immediate suspension.  There are also some technical details that can result in an account being suspended.  Tops on that list is failing to pay Google for your advertising costs, which makes sense.  Another thing that puts you at risk of being suspended is to create a duplicate account for an already-suspended account.

If you violate policies, Google is going to send you a warning email about a disapproved ad.  Take the information in the email, fix the ad immediately, and use the information in the warning email to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. Once you have fixed the violation, make a report of the changes you have made, and appeal the suspension.

If you have been suspended, one thing you absolutely do not want to do is just open another account.  Google will shut down that account as well, and you may not be able to get your original account unsuspended.